In Minnesota’s 7th, Torrey Westrom

While not one of our official Picks, Torrey Westrom, the Republican candidate for the House in Minnesota’s 7th District, is more than worthy of your support. Torrey is challenging Collin Peterson, one of the most senior Democrats in Congress. Peterson has long been entrenched, but this year, he can be had. The 7th is a GOP-leaning district that consistently votes for Republican presidential candidates. Peterson has survived by posing as a conservative, but every two years he votes for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, which tells you all you need to know.

The national Republican Party is impressed with Torrey and has named him one of the party’s Young Guns. Torrey already represents around one-third of the district in Minnesota’s Senate, so he is a known commodity. He is also a very solid conservative. I caught up with him not along ago and filmed this interview, directed specifically to Power Line readers:

Westrom is a worthy candidate, who may finally give the 7th District the representation it deserves in Congress. I encourage you to give him your support by going here to donate to his campaign.


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