We Won’t Have Eric Holder To Kick Around Any More

Attorney General Eric Holder announced his resignation this morning. He will stay on until a successor is nominated and confirmed.

Holder has been a poor Attorney General. He will be remembered for Fast and Furious, consistently stonewalling Congress, and “civil rights” activism–which, however, had little to do with civil rights. Holder promoted gay marriage, refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, and did his best to enable voter fraud. He was a loyal Democratic Party foot soldier–conservatives aptly called him the Obama administration’s scandal goalie–but it is hard to think of any positive accomplishment during his nearly six years in office.

It is probably too late to make much difference, but Republicans can perhaps use the next Attorney General’s confirmation hearing to publicize Holder’s stonewalling of Congressional investigations, and to extract a pledge from his successor to be more forthcoming.

To me, the most surprising thing about Holder’s tenure at DOJ is his unpopularity. For some time now, he has been the most disapproved-of member of the administration. This suggests that some people, at least, have been paying attention.