Pryor analytics, O’Keefe edition

James O’Keefe takes his Project Veritas Action team inside the campaign of incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas. In his new video, O’Keefe’s team shows Pryor supporters claiming that he secretly supports gay marriage although he holds himself out as a supporter of traditional marriage. O’Keefe prefaces the video with this email message:

Enter Senator Mark Pryor.

Sen. Pryor is a Democrat from Arkansas who has been in office since 2003.

But like Senate Candidate Alison Grimes, Pryor’s own supporters and campaign workers don’t believe he is running an honest campaign.

The pattern of lying to get elected is clear.

Pryor’s public stance is so brazenly opposite of his personal position, one of his campaign workers told our undercover investigators, “If you tell anyone I told you that, I’m going to find you and kill you.”

Watch the full investigation by clicking below.

The video is below (a partial transcript is posted here).


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