ISIS Slave Market Is Reminder of Serious Issues At Stake

With the election tomorrow, we are all focused on poll data, early voting results, control of the Senate, pickups in the House, and so on. Nothing wrong with that. But it is easy to forget how deadly serious the issues with which our leaders must grapple are. The video below shows ISIS fighters as they wait for a slave market to open. They are about to purchase Yezidi girls; it appears that the going rate is a few hundred dollars. Their high spirits are evident in the video, which is accompanied by an English translation. It is pretty grainy, which is probably just as well:

The Democrats yammer on and on about women, but do they care about actual women and girls being sold into slavery? Nah. Likewise, Mary Landrieu tries to use Louisiana’s long-gone history as a slave state to browbeat her way into another Senate term. But has she shown any interest in the slavery that still exists today–and not just where ISIS rules, either? Of course not. It’s all just for show. As president, Barack Obama is largely entrusted with the nation’s security. Does he understand that evil forces threaten America and its allies? I don’t think so. His idea of evil, apparently, is Benjamin Netanyahu.

When the dust settles after tomorrow, someone is going to have to deal with a very dangerous, and frequently evil, world.


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