More Yummy, High-Fat Election Schadenfreude

The last two paragraphs of the New York Times story today on how Tom Steyer’s campaign spending was a bust are worth savoring with a nice glass of single-malt, or whatever is your favorite beverage to restore the tissues:

Just as liberal groups run ads linking candidates to Charles G. and David H. Koch, the billionaire brothers, and the their opposition to climate change policy, conservative groups have now started to run ads targeting candidates’ ties to Mr. Steyer and his money. By politicizing the issue of climate change, some strategists say, Mr. Steyer may have raised his own profile and also made it more difficult for lawmakers to reach bipartisan consensus on the issue.

“The most important thing is to normalize this issue with Republicans,” said Mark Mellman, a Democratic strategist. “Anything that makes it more partisan makes it less likely that there will be legislation, until such time as Democrats take over the world. Which according to my watch, will not be happening anytime soon.”

Typical of the Times, of course, to bury this most important part of the story at the end.