My New AR-15

I had thought that my next firearm would be a revolver, but I shot my brother’s AR-15 on a visit to South Dakota, and enjoyed it. So I wound up buying one from Bison Armory. They custom built it to my specifications, in .223 caliber. They were great to deal with and the rifle is quite beautiful, I think:


So far I have had time to get to a rifle range twice with my friend Mitch Berg. We got the scope zeroed and broke in the barrel. One of my tasks for what remains of the weekend is to take it apart and clean it, a more complicated process than with a handgun. Then I just have to find more excuses to shoot it.

One thing about an AR-15, it is great for deterring looters. Not that we have any looters in my neighborhood. Heck, we hardly have any Democrats. But, via InstaPundit, here is a heartwarming story from Ferguson, Missouri, about a man who uses his AR-15 to help out a friend.