Scott Walker wins [UPDATE: This guy is goooood]

Fox News has declared Scott Walker the winner in the Wisconsin gubernatorial race. It looks like he might win pretty big.

As I said earlier today, a Walker victory by any margin should make him a top tier presidential contender.

Walker is, as a reader pointed out to me, a “blank slate” when it comes to foreign policy. This should actually work to his advantage, though not necessarily to the advantage of GOP primary voters.

Why? Because the foreign policy terrain keeps shifting. A year ago, the GOP seemed to moving in the direction of non-intervention. Now, with the rise of ISIS, Republicans are hawkish once again. Where will Republican voters stand a year from now? Who knows.

Senators like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz will have to vote on tough foreign policy questions. And Rick Perry has already come forth as a committed hawk.

But Walker need not commit unless and until he runs for president. And the longer Walker can go without committing, the easier it will be for him to take a position that will stand him in good stead.

UPDATE: I just saw Walker’s victory speech. He’s very good at the podium.


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