The low spark of Barack Obama

President Obama is not wanted where he might thought to have been needed during this campaign season. Rather, vulnerable Democrats have needed him to stay away, as he has in Iowa, Louisiana, North Carolina and New Hampshire.

It must be killing him. You’d think he has enough on his plate that he would stay home rather than go out in search of an audience where he is not needed, as in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election in which Democratic challenger Tom Wolf has been leading Republican incumbent Tom Corbett. But Obama is like a fading rock star in search of his mojo.

Yesterday Obama spoke to a Wolf rally in a half-full Philadelphia gym at Temple University’s Liacouras Center. To save appearances, event organizers partitioned half the the seats with a black curtain. As I recall, Minneapolis’s Target Center resorted to the same device to conceal the waning ardor when 2/3 of the British Invasion group Traffic came through town to kick off their short-lived comeback tour in May 1994.

Via Jim Hoft/Gateway Pundit. Jim also has some good Twitter pics of the crowd.


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