Watch the Kool Aid Bowl at Salon

Of course the punditocracy is already war-gaming the 2016 election, and the reliable latte-liberals of Salon are pointing out the obvious in “Mitch Is On Borrowed Time“: that the GOP will be defending many more Senate seats in 2016 than this year, and would easily lose the Senate.  Well, at least taxpayers aren’t paying for analysis this astute.

But it’s worth reading all the way to the end for perhaps the Schadenfreudiest moment of the post-election liberal angst:

Before Democrats get too excited about this map, though, a few more points about “not taking things for granted.”

• It would behoove the Democratic Party to actually develop a positive economic platform that’s appealing to voters instead of just attacking Republicans as extremist condom-stealers and expecting demographics to save them.

• Why should anyone assume that 2016 will be better for the Democrats? President Obama is very unpopular. It’s hard for any party to win the White House for three straight terms. There will be much higher turnout in 2016. But what if they turn out to vote for Republicans?

• 2018 will be another “sucks for Democrats” cycle, obvs.

• Even if Democrats win the White House and Senate in 2016, everything will still be terrible. Remember the years 2011-2014? My memory is hazy but I don’t recall them being the Golden Age of Progressive Legislation.

• I mean, really, why should anyone bother getting excited about the possibility of anything in politics ever again?

Heh.  That’s the sound of someone literally losing their religion.  Salon better put a guard around the office punch bowl, or someone might spike the Kool Aid.

(Hat tip: JP)