Grubered Again

I think “Grubered” should enter the modern political vocabulary along side “Borked.”  If “Borked” has come to mean “obstruct (someone, especially a candidate for public office) through systematic defamation or vilification,” then “Grubered” will mean “systematic defamation or vilification of oneself through one’s own words.”

Over on TownHall Katie Pavlich has rounded several more videos where Gruber contradicts what he told the House committee earlier this week, namely, his disclaiming any authorship of Obamacare.

In this first one, at the 3:55 mark, Gruber says “Once again, unabashed, I helped write the federal bill as well. I was a paid consultant for the Obama administration to help develop the technical details of the bill, so I come to you with my biases.”

In this next one, Gruber says “What does this bill do? This bill tries to…full disclaimer, I’m going to describe objectively but I helped write it. I’ll be objective, I’ll try to be objective but full-disclaimer I was involved in writing the legislation so there is some bias involved here.”  (Scroll forward to about the 8:52 mark in this long video.)