Landrieu lauds herself

Incumbent Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu lost by 12 points to Rep. Bill Cassidy in Louisiana’s runoff election yesterday. The Landrieu family business is Democratic politics, Louisiana style. Cassidy is a practicing physician.

As she faced imminent defeat, Landrieu charged Cassidy with defrauding whose in the profession Landrieu sought to turn into a scandal as she faced imminent defeat. She charged Cassidy with defrauding LSU in connection with his part-time work on behalf of the hospital there. It gave her something to talk about other than her record of support for President Obama and her critical vote in favor of Obamacare.

The Hill’s Jonathan Easley offers “Five reasons Mary Landrieu lost.” I’ll give you one reason. Obama’s approval rating in Louisiana is 39 percent. Although Landrieu ran a few points ahead of Obama’s approval rating, she ultimately could not overcome her record of support for Obama.

CNN reports that in her concession speech, Landrieu praised herself in terms that are usually reserved for third parties. She touted her own “record of courage, honesty and integrity and delivering for the state when it mattered the most.”

Landrieu’s praise of herself is laughable. As John Fund documented in the waning days of the campaign, Landrieu had the courage to make the campaign ugly on her way out the door.

Until yesterday, Mary’s prayer was the inattention of Louisiana voters to her conflicting claims regarding her record in Washington. To black audiences, she pitched her support for Obama. To white audiences, she pitched her independence from Obama. To mixed audiences, she pitched her inner greatness.

Easley raises a new version of Mary’s prayer in the conclusion of his analysis: “If Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) runs for governor, and Landrieu has the appetite for another campaign, she may find more favorable political winds in 2016.” My prayer: Lord, no.