Michael Moore Film Festival! (Not)

If you’re on Twitter, dial up the thread under #MichaelMooreMovies.  If you’re not on Twitter, you’re missing some great suggested movie titles for Michael Moore (and some good photos. a few of which I’ve excerpted below).  For example:

Journey to the Center of the Girth

Around the Waist in 80 Days

Lord of the Onion Rings

Diet Another Day

Fahrenheit 7/11

The Ten Condiments

The Hunt for Red Lobster

Live Fat and Fry Lard



No Country for Slim Men

House of Carbs

The Right Stuffing

Dial “M” for McDonalds

The Hungry Games

Glazed and Confused

The Crown Roast Affair

The Silence of the Roasted Lambs

Plump Fiction

The Fat and the Furious

Dude, Where’s My Feet?

One Flew Over the Doughnut Shop

A Fridge Too Far

Moore 1 copy

Moore 2 copy


Moore 3 copy

Moore 4 copy


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