Strangest Diplomatic Initiative Ever: You’ve Got a Friend!

The administration has acknowledged that it erred by not participating in a meaningful way in the giant pro-free speech demonstration in Paris, so it has tried to make amends by sending John Kerry to France. Apparently thinking that he needed reinforcements to convey a full sense of the administration’s symbolic support, Kerry brought along…James Taylor.

For you youngsters, Taylor is a folk musician whom people our age listened to in 1970–a mere 45 years ago. Here is Taylor performing “You’ve Got a Friend” while Kerry looks on in a state of acute discomfort. Don’t feel obliged to watch to the end; I didn’t:

God only knows what the French made of this. Maybe James Taylor is still popular there, like Jerry Lewis. Before we mercifully draw down the curtain on this episode, let’s turn the floor over to the genius of Iowahawk, on Twitter:

There is much, much more from Iowahawk and his readers on Iowahawk’s Twitter feed.

For those who thought the Obama administration’s diplomatic efforts couldn’t get any lamer: I don’t think we’ve seen the bottom yet.