The Week in Pictures: Barack ORobinHood Edition

Not much more to say about Obama’s deflated football of a State of the Union speech, but is there some kind of way we can float Obama and Michael Moore away on a one-person life raft somewhere?

O'Robin Hood copyObama on the View copyObama Unicorn copyObama Lolipop copyObama's Sniper copyObama 1941 copyObama's Vocab copy

New Dem Taxes copy

Free Wool Coats copyOur Money, His Mouth copy Obama v Clinton copyAl Quada on the run copyFriend! copy

Kerry Ross copy

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

MM's Portable Armrest copy

A stomach that doubles as an armrest.

Jabba the Moore copy MM's Hero copy

Bellichek Nixon copy Constitutiona Footballs copy Velcro Footballs copy Brady's Tires copy Eythics Football copy

Romney 2036 copy GOP 2016 copy Romney 2016 copy

Stubborn Men copy Calvin & Hobbes copy Levels of Evidence copy

Yoda hot chick copy Keureg Ranch copy Leatgher Truck copy Beverage glasses copy Lime in Coacoanut copy Bacon Hazards copy No Reincarnation copy Great Meme copy

And finally. . .

Hot Welch 6 copy