The Week in Pictures: Super Bowl Edition

Everybody got their munchies locked and loaded?  I say Seattle by a fair margin, like last year.  New England looks distracted by all the deflated footballs silliness.  Speaking of playing with deflated footballs, Obama . . . oh never mind.  You know where that was going.

Islamic Wheel copy

President Fruit Loop copy

The Interview copy

Netanyahu Cereal copy Obama Fruit Loop copy

attack Netanyhu copy GOP Working Out copy

What Obama Means copy

Progr4essive Ideas copy

Luker Scottwalker copy Clinton Bush regifting copy

Victor the Vegan copy Moore Hypocrit copy Buy Saudi Gas? copy Climate Pronouncements copy College Bubble copy

Blizzard Warning copy The Blizzard copy

Manson Today copy

Anti Vax copy

Bear Soft Tacos copy Weight Balance copy Pink Freud copy Lois Lane copy Tom Petty copy Gluten Fre Hooker copy

Brady Snowman copy

Patriots & Peanuts copy

Perhaps someone has an old bag of Olestra chips?

Perhaps someone has an old bag of Olestra chips?



And finally. . .

Hot 20B copy


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