Another Non-Islamic Terror Attack in Denmark

A gunman opened fire on a free speech seminar in a Copenhagen cafe this afternoon, killing one and wounding several others. He fired thirty rounds or more through the cafe’s windows, and it seems miraculous that more people were not killed. An intense manhunt is now under way for the terrorist, who is described as having an “Arabic appearance, but with lighter skin than normal and black straight hair.”

It is theorized that–apart from free speech per se–the target of the attack was one of the speakers at the seminar, Lars Vilks, an artist who drew a caricature of Mohammed years ago and whose life has been threatened many times. Reuters’ story on the terrorist attack was originally headlined, “One dead after shootout at Danish meeting with controversial artist Vilks.” There was, of course, no “shootout,” and it would seem that the focus should be on the murderer, not the claim that Vilks is “controversial.” After taking abuse on Twitter, Reuters changed the headline to “Man dies in shooting at Danish meeting with artist who drew Mohammad.”

No comment yet from President Obama, but I suppose he would instruct the Danes not to get on their high horse because…well, they didn’t have much to do with the Crusades, did they? The Vikings, maybe? Now, those were some real terrorists! So, using ObamaLogic©, the Danes probably shouldn’t complain.


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