(Frozen) Green Weenie of the Week

With a new polar vortex putting the northeast under a deep freeze again (it is something like -10 degrees here in Syracuse where I am at present), the cause of college fossil fuel divestment is suffering a bit of a setback.  Yale activists have had to postpone (indefinitely) their divestment rally today because of the cold:

With the first-ever Global Divestment Day scheduled for this weekend, Fossil Free Yale looks to revive the campus push for divestment. But it remains unclear if, and when, their efforts will come to fruition.

In fact, the event, which was meant to be held on Saturday, has been postponed indefinitely. FFY Project Manager Mitch Barrows ’16 said the delay is due to unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues, including some cancellations from speakers and performance groups. The postponement was made final as of Thursday evening.

Heh.  Actually, I am for the college divestment campaign. If I’m ExxonMobil or Peabody Coal, I’d be delighted if all the liberal college endowment managers shed their shares and thereby stop showing up at shareholder meetings with environmentally correct harangues, still worse frivolous PC shareholder resolutions that waste time and (recycled) paper.