The Week in Pictures: Fraudcast News Edition

Did I ever tell you about the time I was hanging with Pablo Picasso, quaffing espresso at a Parisian cafe, and how I helped him conceive Guernica?  Oh, wait—no, I didn’t do that.  I had Picasso confused with my kid’s kindergarten finger painting project, and we were in McDonalds.  So easy to get these kind of things confused when you’re a busy newsman.

Life if Brian Williams copy

Williams NY Post copy Williams Rep copy Williams Down copy NBC Nose copy NBC Landing 2 copy

OBillary copy Ramirez Terrorists copy Obama Aloof HGeart copy Obama's nots copy

Waterboard ISIS copy

McOnnell Franklin copy

Prog Idea Failures copy Measles Idiots copy

Climate Colder Winters copy

Patriots Trophy copy

This year’s Super Bowl trophy.

Left Shark copy Jaws copy Shark Dressed Man copy In Bill We Trust copy M Lynch copy

How bad was Pete Carroll's call?  This bad.

How bad was Pete Carroll’s call? This bad.

Ate the Gourndhog copy

Florida Biker Bar copy English Class Canceled copy

Vegan Crossfitter joke copy

And finally. . .

Hot 20X copy


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