Americans to Environmentalists: Yawn

Gallup is out with its annual poll of environmental issues.  I’ll just go with their headline:

In the U.S., Concern About Environmental Threats Eases

Among the key findings:

Consistent with the decline in worry about specific environmental problems, Americans have become more positive about the quality of the environment in recent years. If Americans perceive the environment to be in relatively good shape, it follows they would be less concerned about potential environmental threats to Americans. The more positive views about the environment could be the result of federal, state and local government’s as well as individuals’ actions to minimize potential environmental threats to U.S. citizens.

This chart tells the story:

Gallup 1 copy

Darn progress!  How are you going to scare people in direct mail letters if things keep getting better? Well, at least there’s global warming.  Wait—you say that’s not working either?  Gallup again:

Importantly, even as global warming has received greater attention as an environmental problem from politicians and the media in recent years, Americans’ worry about it is no higher now than when Gallup first asked about it in 1989.

I’m sure if Gore keeps trying this will change.  Any day now.