Delusional White House Calls ISIS Strategy “A Success”

As I wrote on Monday, the administration’s policies on the Middle East are in a state of collapse. This is partly–but only partly–because ISIS is rampaging across Syria and Iraq. So on Tuesday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest was pressed on how the president’s campaign to “degrade and destroy” ISIS is going. Overall, Earnest said, the president’s strategy has been a success:

Because the administration’s strategy has been successful “overall,” Earnest said, there is no reconsideration of that strategy underway.

Michael Ramirez responded this morning to the administration’s declaration. Click to enlarge:


The situation would be grim enough if ISIS were our only “setback,” as Earnest says, in the Middle East. Unfortunately, with Iran’s impending nuclear capability, the ongoing slaughter in Syria and the failed state of Libya, ISIS isn’t even at the top of the list.


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