Hymn to Holder

Candidate Obama’s presidential campaign cultivated a cult of personality that conforms rather glaringly to Obama’s conception of himself. But Eric Holder? The guy is a sort of Mini-Me version of Obama with a thick overlay of outright stupidity. But he too is a legend in his own mind. As a parting shot at the American people, the Department of Justice now abuses us with a video saluting Holder’s greatness (below). The Department of Justice has posted the video here.

The video constitutes a nine-minute hymn to Holder. Cf. “Hymn to Stalin.”

Making cameo appearances to pay tribute to Holder in the video are Barack Obama, of course, but also Patrick Leahy, Rahm Emanuel, Sheldon Whitehouse, Elijah Cummnings, Bill Clinton, Thomas Perez, Chad Griffin, and Sharon Malone (i.e., Mrs. Eric Holder). It is right and fitting that Bill Clinton should testify to Holder’s character in the video, and it is good to know that Holder’s marital situation is copacetic.

The video must be the work of the Ministry of Truth that manages public communications in the Obama administration. It none too subtly depicts Holder as a great man and a benefactor of humanity. Entitled “Attorney General Eric Holder: The People’s Lawyer,” the video is explicated and appropriately disparaged by Hans Von Spakovsky and John Fund at National Review in “This taxpayer-funded video tribute to Eric Holder brought to you by the DoJ.”

The whole thing has a mind-numbing totalitarian feel to it. Holder even looks a bit like Big Brother looming from the giant telescreens in Victory Square in Michael Radford’s 1984 film adaptation of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Ignorance is Strength!


Quotable quote (Bill Clinton): “He worked to give all people faith that the justice system is on their side.”


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