Title Nein?

Today’s egalitarian bureaucratic outrage concerns Arbor View High School in Las Vegas, where boys baseball boosters succeeded in getting a storage shed donated for the team to store its equipment on the campus near the ball field. A local construction company donated the concrete facility for free.

And that’s when the trouble started.

Seems you can’t have a boys storage shed unless you have a girls storage shed, too. Because Title IX. And the girls storage shed has to be the exact equal of the boys storage shed; if you just put up a metal storage shed, like the kind you buy at Home Depot, that wouldn’t be equal. I’ll let the local Las Vegas TV station take it from here:

Five months after the shed was moved to the school property, Clark County School District officials said it had to be removed because of Title 9 infractions.

“Title 9, I don’t know if you’re familiar with that or not, it requires that we have equal facilities for boys programs and girls programs,” said Joe Murphy, Clark County School District. “So what was constructed at Arbor View if we put the facility exact same structure on the girl’s side, then we’d be in compliance with Title 9, but if we put that on the boys side and a tough shed on the girls side, we have a compliance problem and that’s not something we can allow.”

“CCSD higher ups came down and went into the principals office, blew a gasket, ‘we want this coach fired,'” Pastrone said.

So now the school is looking into have the boys storage shed removed, since they can’t afford to build another concrete storage shed for girls. The bid for removing the free shed is $21,000.

As Glenn Reynolds likes to say: tar, feathers.


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