Things That Go Trump in the Night

Karl Rove notes this morning in his weekly Wall Street Journal column that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are the “great disrupters” inside their parties, which is rather obvious, but Rove goes on to remind us that it is not wholly clear to which party, or which party’s principles, Trump really holds his loyalty or interest:

Mr. Trump is hardly a die-hard conservative, having donated $314,300 to Democrats (including Sens. Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton) and $290,600 to Republicans between 1989 and 2010, as the Daily Caller reports.

I’ve also seen reported that Trump has supported nationalized health care and a lot of other things. Such as his dodgy views—to put it charitably—on property rights. To call Trump a crony capitalist is an insult to cronies everywhere. The Institute for Justice has the goods on him, as you see in this 3-minute video, which unfortunately leaves out the punchline. I recall seeing this segment at the time, and Trump ultimately rips off his microphone and storms out of the studio in the face of John Stossel’s relentless questioning:

Meanwhile, while Bernie Sanders says he is for immigration “reform” (meaning amnesty) today, back in 2007 he voted against the Kennedy-McCain immigration bill because he thought, in a rare moment of economic literacy by Sanders, that it would depress wages for low-income workers. Hmmm.  Suggests some openings for a clever Republican.


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