Hillary’s email server contained “top secret” documents

I. Charles McCullough III, the inspector general for the intelligence community, has told key members of Congress that two of four emails discovered on Hillary Clinton’s private server met the standard of “top secret/SCI level.” He is still evaluating whether the other two rose to that level.

“SCI” means “sensitive compartmented information.” Apparently, all such information must be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of National Intelligence. Presumably, these control systems do not include private servers in someone’s house (even if the house is guarded).

The two top secret documents may prove to be the tip of an iceberg, as the investigation expands to the emails of Clinton’s top aides. But it’s an important tip, and possibly a tipping point.

Clinton has asserted that her server contained no classified information. It’s a dubious defense, since (1) information can be quite sensitive even if not classified and (2) Clinton violated the rules by using a private system, in any case.

But if her server contained not just classified information, as has recently been determined, but also “top secret” items, her blatant disregard of our national security becomes clear for all to see.