The Week in Pictures: Meltdown Edition

One story I haven’t had time to chase down sufficiently is that the Obama “Clean Power Plan” is unfriendly to nuclear power, which shows that the reign of environmental correctness out of the 1970s is still with us. Out here in CA, a recent re-licensing hearing for the last remaining nuclear power plant in the state, Diablo Canyon, turned into the usual clown show. But if Diablo Canyon is shut down, greenhouse gas emissions in California will certainly go up as Diablo’s baseload power can only really be replaced by natural gas turbines, or with coal-fired power bought from out of state. More on this later, perhaps, but it seems like a metaphor for all the other political meltdowns under way at the moment, especially Hillary’s. And meanwhile, the Trump show keeps doing great box office.

Hillary in jail copy

Hillary for Pirson copy

Hillary Jail copy

Hillary emails copy

Server copy Hillary trainwreck copy Hillary make up copy

Hillary Newman copy

Stupid Hillary copy

Trump Clinton Plant copy

Next GOP debate copy

Trump Single Payer copy

Trump O'Donnell copy

Trump Firing Squad copy Trump Blowhard copy Trump Clean Up copy Trump Parade copy Trump Show copy

Republican Idol copy

Burn Jobs copy

Power Plan copy

CO River copy

EPA Shirt copy

No Carbon copy Abolish EPA copy

EPA River copy

Govt help copy

DiHydrogen Monoxide again copy

Whole Fod lazers copy Hugged the Tree copy Thanks Mondsanto copy Code Green Windmill copy

Murders 3 copy

PP Heart copy PP Brain copy PP crunch copy

Barkley copy Stupid Liberals copy

Stewarts Dissoance copy

Sanders Consistency copy

Schumer Iran copy


Rick Astlery 2016 copy

Wrong Civil War copy Raiders Roll copy

Floyd Vader copy The Credible Hulk copy Playghoul copy Men without Hats copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 514 copy

Heh. Did it again. Okay, here’s the real one:

Hot 513 copy