Voters Can’t Stand Hillary

Everywhere you look, poll numbers on Hillary Clinton’s campaign are collapsing. This batch came out this morning from Rasmussen Reports.

The headlined finding is that by 46% to 44%, voters say Hillary should suspend her campaign “until all of the legal questions about her use of the private e-mail server are resolved.” That is a rather silly question, since as a practical matter if Hillary suspends her campaign indefinitely, it is over. Still, it is stunning that 46% think she should drop out, on whatever basis.

The bad news continues, as 45% of voters consider the national security questions raised by Hillary’s email server issues to be a “serious scandal.” Another 28% consider the story an “embarrassing situation,” while 23% say the whole thing is no big deal. Gotta love those loyal Democrats!

Note that Hillary’s strategy so far (and probably her only viable strategy) has been to pooh-pooh the email issues without engaging them in a meaningful way, hoping her supporters will chalk them up to political attacks from the right. Rasmussen’s numbers suggest that the public is too skeptical for that approach to work.

Finally, Rasmussen’s article on its most recent survey, conducted yesterday and the day before, concludes by reminding us that in April, only 37% of respondents said that they trust Hillary. It is safe to say that number hasn’t gone up.

Presumably it is numbers like these that are causing leaders of the Democratic Party to search frantically for alternatives to Hillary.


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