Muslim Lives Matter

In Rotherham, U.K., some 1,400 British girls, as young as 11 years old, were raped over a period of years by Muslim gangs. Local authorities looked the other way, apparently in part, at least, out of a fear of being deemed “racist.” Publication of the Jay Report on the Rotherham scandal rocked Britain just about a year ago.

One might think that these events would induce a sense of reticence, possibly even shame, in the local Muslim community. Seemingly not, however. Yesterday there were competing demonstrations in Rotherham. A group from Britain First, flying Union Jacks and St. George’s crosses, marched to protest the Rotherham rapes. A second group of demonstrators marched under a “Muslim Lives Matter” banner. Marchers also carried nicely printed signs that said–inappropriately, I think–“Never again,” and “Say no to Nazis.” The demonstrators chanted “Whose streets? Our streets” and “Enough is enough. Muslim lives matter.”

Enough of what? People complaining about underage English girls being raped? The “Muslim lives matter” group took its inspiration from “Black lives matter” here in the U.S. The two slogans are equally dishonest. Here is video of the “Muslim lives matter” demonstration:


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