Sunday morning coming down

The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay occupies what is at the least a narrow journalistic niche. He’s a humorist writing a sports column or vice versa. His most recent column — “The NFL begins: Is your TV big enough” — is a good example, in a question-and-answer format. So, for example, we have this:

Who will play the Super Bowl L halftime show?

The head says Taylor Swift, but the heart says Seals & Crofts.

Now that is funny. Whatever happened to Seals & Crofts? They were far from the worst thing about the ’70s. Indeed, they were one of the good things about the ’70s. They wore their Baha’i faith on their sleeves. They had an impressive string of hits, one of which only reached number 66 and featured a prolife message. Talk about countercultural.

They produced that stream of hits and then they seemed to disappear. I confess: I loved their harmonies, never more than in “Gabriel Go On Home” (written by Seals), off their 1970 album Down Home.


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