Experts see Hillary’s deleted emails as recoverable

Earlier today I suggested that the FBI has a decent shot at recovering Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails now that it possesses or is about to possess (1) Clinton’s server, (2) the Platte River server and a second Platte River device associated with the server, (3) Datto Inc.’s node that allowed it to store data from Clinton’s server on its cloud, and (4) four servers just seized from State Department headquarters.

I confess to being a cyber-ignoramus. However, in my lawyer days I was involved in major litigation involving the deletion of a vast number of emails and other documents. Eventually, nearly everything was recovered. It’s pretty amazing what the forensic folks can do.

Tonight, Sean Hannity had two cyber-security experts on his program: Morgan Wright, proprietor of his own cyber strategies company, and Brian Finch, cybersecurity co-chair at the law firm of Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman. Wright said he thinks the likelihood of fully recovering Hillary’s deleted emails is 90 percent or more. Finch did not disagree.

Frankly, I’m not sure that Wright and Finch have enough information reliably to set odds with precision. However, I wouldn’t discount the view that the chances of something like full recovery are good.


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