The Weak in Pictures: Putin Clocks Obama Edition

There are times when President Obama looks weak, and then there are times when President Obama looks like he’s on the other side. Has a president ever been so humiliated by the actions of an adversary? Putin must wonder how pathetic Obama and his team really are. I expect he’ll send along a “reset” button some day. He’s already resetting the Soviet-era hegemony over parts of Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Extra big lineup this week, and we haven’t forgotten new, improved Hillary!

Putin pwns Obama copy

I have no idea what the Russian captions are, but it’s easy enough to guess.

Obama Joke copy ISIS Strategy copy Putin over Churchill copy Putin Slams Obaba copy

Obama v Putin 2 copy Obama Pussy copy

Red Line again copy



Clock Missile copy Iran Clock copy Eye on the Ball copy

Hookers for hillary copy

So, Bill HAS been out campaigning for Hillary!

Bill's Girls copy Hills Bullshit copy Hillary C3PO copy Hillary Overdrawn copy

VRWC copy Hillary Focus group copy

Driving Miss Crazy copy Feel the Bern copy

Bernies Free Range Dems copy

Climate or Religion? copy Boehner Mars copy

New Speaker copy

Life imitates The Simpsons

Life imitates The Simpsons

Trump Christians copy

VW Lied copy VW Bug copy Obama v VW copy

VW Refugees copy

Pope on Guns copy Obama Guns2 copy

Fossil Fuel Protest copy

Dahmer v PP copy


Lillies copy Spider copy Exhibit 1 copy Terrorist Virgins copy Zombie Fast Food copy I before E copy Free Air guitars copy Plant Waters copy Joaquin copy Apollo Hoax copy Sikh Humor copyAnd finally. . .

Hot 501 copy