The Week in Pictures: Climate Terror Edition

The next big UN climate summit opens on Monday in Paris, except—wait!—oops, it’s now a “Peace” conference, because climate change caused ISIS, 9/11, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hmm: global peace conference in Paris. Where have I heard of such a thing before? Maybe people will remember when the climate equivalent of the Versailles Treaty is announced in the next couple weeks, since we’re going through the War on Coal to End All Coal.

Terror Climate Again copy

Obama Climate ISIS

Climate scare

Kerry Rationale

Divide France

Dog Strategy

Twitter attack Double effort

Russian Thnksgiving

Hope and Change copy

No who we are Obama Punish Syria copy

Unamerican Sniper

Racist Horse

Hillary Pony

Clinton BeenThere copy

Clintons Sleeping Hillary laugh



War feelins

Safwe Space

Identify Racist

Offend evrerything


12241216_437378803134560_6337931891506842941_n Salmon Monoxide 12274554_437952869743820_3462675196741691121_n


Book order Wind correctoon

Cat Vet

Obi Wine Kenobi

Frosted Flakes copy

Strangest media story of the week:

Qaud Fugitve

And finally. . .

Hot 732 copy