The Week in Pictures: Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee Edition

The question of accepting refugees threatens to become a petty squabble (heh), but the fact that so many Democrats headed for the tall grass on the House vote this week shows that at least a few understand that a large number of Americans simply have no confidence that the government has any of this in hand. Gee—I wonder what could ever give them that idea. After all, ISIS is contained! Because we’re solving climate change!

Arab RefugeesUntitled copy Arab Refugees copy Refugees Welcome copy

Refugee policy copy

Svreening Process copy


War on Republicans copy Obama Logic copy Kill ISIS copy Obama Water Balloons copy Petulant Obama copy ISIS not gaing strength copy Kerry Gaffe copy ISIS Conatined copy Leave to Grownups copy

Trump Parade copy Trump Idiots copy

Sanders ISIS copy Dem Climate Causation copy Hillary MIssing copy Hillary the Riverter copy Hillary Not Funny copy

Hpster Posing copy

Demand Chart copy Poor Me Magazine copy Mizzou Yearbook copy Safe Space copy College Guide copy Campus Sensitvity copy

Memory Foam copy Calculator copy Gullibility Test 2 copy Swim with Humans copy Epic Parking copy Still Want to Smack copy Facebook Politics copy Mars copy Zombie Activists copy Tumpicino copy Huaman Spice Latte copy Moet Drinking Foundatin copy 2And finally. . .

Hot 747 copy




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