The Week in Pictures: Trump This

Here’s (one of) the problems with Trump: there’s an old rule that when your opponents are self-destructing, you get out of the way. With Obama’s pathetic response to the meaning of the San Bernardino attack, it is understandable that aspiring presidents would want to pile on. But jeepers.

Obama Not a President Obama Background checks Obama Empty terror speech

Connect Dots Failed Policies Obama D day Obama's Speech Obama's speeech 2

ISIS for Hillary

They were Clocks copy

Never Doubt Eastwood copy

Peters v Obama


President Trump copy

Trump Bunker copy

Hitler - Trump

Trump a Liberal

Make Roman Empire Great

Trump News panel

Carter Iran

Guns for Ants copy

Idaho Gun copy

Tragedy Doesn't Trump 2nd Amend copy

Reagan Blames Man

Outdoor Muslim Umbrellas

Zero Hours of Work copy Keynes Explained 2 copy Lennon's Rolls Royce copy Yoko Ono Energy

Santa Star Wars

Millennial Falcon

Now THIS is a great weapon for fighting ISIS.

Now THIS is a great weapon for fighting ISIS.

Bacon Cheeseburger copy


Secret Santa

Drinking Buddy

Power Venn

Army v Navy

And finally. . .

Hot Gunner copy