Rambling on her mind

Morning Joe cohost Mika Brzezinski is a Democratic true believer. She self-identifies as a Hillary Clinton voter in the event Hillary is the party’s nominee. Yet she confesses to puzzlement about the “core message” of Madam Hillary’s presidential campaign. She sought clarification from the lady herself during a telephone interview yesterday morning, asking what the “core message” of her presidential campaign is (video below).

Madam Hillary rambles on for several minutes. She’s got rambling on her mind. She seems to be free associating. Alzheimer’s has something to do with the “core message” of her campaign. The free association winds into the obligatory clichés. Well before the rambling concludes, she seeks to condense her message “at the end of the day.” After “the end of the day,” her message is “rooted in her decades of work.” Let’s make that “work.” Mark Paoletta provides a timely reminder of the chores she has performed in the course of her public service over the decades.

To Ed Driscoll, Hillary’s rambling calls to mind Ted Kennedy’s disjointed response to Roger Mudd about his prospective challenge to Jimmy Carter in 1979. Ed links to Chris Whipple’s remembrance of that episode here. That is a close and useful analogy. To me, Hillary’s rambling calls to mind late Elvis as he struggled with the spoken interlude in “Are You Lonesome Tonight.”

Via Alyssa Canobbio/Washington Free Beacon.


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