The challenge of radical Islam

In the latest installment of his series of Conversations, just posted this morning, Bill Kristol talks with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I have posted the complete video below (about 60 minutes); it is divided into two chapters as posted here at the Conversations site.

I admire her greatly. She is one brave lady. I met her for a brief interview after she spoke at the President’s Conference in Jerusalem in 2012 and it was a personal highlight for me.

As always, hers is a voice to be heard. She knows what she is talking about. She doesn’t mince words. She addresses a vitally important subject that is frequently stifled by political correctness and, in her case, the threat of violence. Ms. Hirsi Ali is not intimidated.

Quotable quote: “We should not be politically correct about the fact that there is something within Islam…”

UPDATE: The transcript has now been posted here.