How secret is it? (7)

At NR, attorney Shannen Coffin traces the evolution of Hillary’s Clinton’s defenses in the scandal involving the use of an unsecured private server for official email during her tenure as Secretary of State. Shannen’s column is “Email ‘did not originate with me’–Hillary blames her underlings, again.” The defenses proffered by Clinton are shifting and shifty.

Shannen’s column takes account of Clinton’s appearance yesterday on ABC’s This Week with former (Bill) Clinton aide George Stephaopoulos. Stephanopoulos asked her about the non-disclosure agreement she signed a day after taking office. Under the NDA, Clinton agreed that classified information had to be treated appropriately regardless of how it was marked. “You know, you’ve said many times that the emails were not marked classified,” Stephanopoulos noted. “But the non-disclosure agreement you signed as secretary of state said that that really is not that relevant.”

Clinton’s brief response displayed her usual fidelity to the truth. The woman lies with pathological abandon and she has been doing it for a long, long time.

Via Chuck Ross/Daily Caller.