Who Is Hillary Clinton?

Who is Hillary?Who is Hillary Clinton? It turns out even the left doesn’t know. The Nation is advertising a book by this title, collecting many of their essays about the Dowager Countess of Chappaqua.

Their description of the book, however, is nearly as comical as a New York Times editorial:

Who is Hillary Clinton? is a fascinating time-lapse depiction of the leading Democratic presidential candidate as seen from the left. . .

Stop right there! A “time lapse depiction” of Hillary is not a flattering concept. Kind of like the cruel sadists who insist on broadcasting The McLaughlin Group in hi-def. Eew. I much prefer the Hillary of her pretty-in-pink phase when she was shooting the Whitewater rapids in the East Room. Her current cackling cankles phase—not so much.

Anyway, to continue:

“Hillary Clinton is a Rorschach test of our attitudes—including our unconscious ones—about women, feminism, sex and marriage, to say nothing of the Democratic Party, progressive politics, the United States and capitalism,” writes Nation columnist Katha Pollitt in the book’s introduction. “This collection of Nation articles won’t answer all the readers’ questions, but at the very least in brings the Rorschach blot into clearer focus.”

A Rorschach test? After all this time? And doesn’t this sound like Obama’s infamous quote about how people found whatever they wanted in him?

What, exactly, is Hillary’s central message? I posted this query on Twitter this morning. It doesn’t even take 140 character; only 12: “It’s my turn.” That seems to be about it. (Or maybe, as Richard Samuelson suggests, her slogan could be: “I am Hillary; hear me Rorschach!”)


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