Ratched returns to the asylum

As I mentioned last month, Norman Mailer took a now-famous look at the Democratic convention that nominated JFK for president in the November 1960 Esquire essay “Superman comes to the supermarket.” Jay Rosen recalled it here. As Rosen noted, the title “intend[ed] to say that the man of the hour, Kennedy, was about to send a powerful (and erotic) jolt into mainstream America — if he won the election.”

Nurse Ratched returns to the asylum. That’s my take on Hillary Clinton’s conference call with the editors of Philadelphia newspapers earlier this week (audio below). Pressed in the interest of transparency by one of the editors to disclose the transcripts of her lucrative speeches to Wall Street audiences, Madam Hillary quickly drops her public mask. At a time when she holds no office and is still wooing the electorate, this is what she really sounds like. Now hear this.

Nurse Ratched is likely to be administering the meds come January 2017. She too is about to send a powerful jolt into mainstream America if she wins the election, though it is more akin to electroconvulsive therapy than the kind of thrill Mailer anticipated with JFK.

Via Jenna Lifhits/Washington Free Beacon.


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