Mid-Week in Pictures: Special Clinton Edition

The shocking outcome of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s perfidy demands a special edition of our Week in Pictures. Has there ever been a more sleazy family in politics? Well yes, the Kennedys certainly qualify, but have you noticed that in 50 years none of them has come close to the White House again? For that we can believe in some measure of cosmic justice. In this case? Well, I am sure it is lost on the Clintons, and too many voters, that someone who began her adult career hounding Nixon has become the most Nixonian politician of our era. That’s the first step in cosmic justice.

Nixon Not a Crook copy

Hillary Nixon copy


That Much copy

At CONTROL headquarters: “Missed it by that much!”

Orange Hillary copy

Maybe next time?

Clinton Before and After copy

Next season on “The Walking Dead.”

Prfect meme copy Snowden v Hillary copy Epstein Cash copy Too Big Again copy Hillary Suckers copy

More Tarmac ideas copy Clinton Lynch copy Clintons Secretive copy Hillary's Emails copy Broke Clintons copy

Clinton Foundaiton copy Clinton %22Foundation%22 copy Seig Hillary copy

Coney Die copy Hillary What Difference copy Too Big to Jail copy Banana Flag copy

Hillary Evil Queen copy

An oldie but goodie.

An oldie but goodie.

Sorry, but the Clintons don’t deserve to have a nice young lady celebrating the Second Amendment at the end of their gallery. You’ll have to wait for Saturday’s regular installment.


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