The Week in Pictures: Trumpnado Edition

Really, can there be any other plausible subject line for this week’s gallery? Trump proved Thursday night that he can go toe-to-toe with Bill Clinton at least for looonnng speeches. Is this what Trump state of the union addresses will be like if he is elected? Meanwhile, Hillary has picked Tim Kaine, who she hopes is able. Or as one friend put it, the Democrats are offering a ticket of Kaine and Enabler. But I say the real winner of the week is Melania. Who cares if she cribbed from Michelle.

Melania Speech copy

Melania Moose and Squirrel copy Melania vs Micheele copy Melania's Speechwriters copy

Who wore it better?

Who wore it better?

Melania Scandal copy

Plagiarize This copy Melania Michelle copy

Melania Nixon copy Melania Cutout copy

Left Wing Plahiarism copy

Trump Sharks copy

Oh how I wish he had done this.

Hillary Defense copy Edward Clinton copy Hillary's Pillory copy Hillary Ratched copy

Kaine and Unable copy Election Flow Chart copy rumpnado copy Burge Tweet copy Trump Pence copy

Go Trump copy

Trump Opponent copy

Lock up copy Elecphant copy GOP caboose copy GOP reluectant copy

Tr4umpnado copy

Gun Free Again copy

Refugees welcome copy

Don’t expect to see as many of these in Germany in the coming weeks.

It's Islam copy Truck Control copy

Pokemon Effect copy

Pkoemon copy

Look! A Pokemon!

Wine Glass copy

And finally. . .

Hot Flag copy