The Week in Pictures: Shaky Foundation Edition

Funny how we haven’t heard much lately about the supposed scam of Trump University. Maybe that’s because compared to the Clinton Foundation, Trump University was a paragon of high ethics and straight shooting. Right now it is hard to know just what will prove Hillary’s undoing—her shaky email scandal that is not finished, her shaky husband, her shaky financial dealings, or her shakes.

Still be in Power copy

Black Votes Matter copy Naked Hillary copy Hillary Pickels copy Hillary Oven Mitt copy Hillary Mao copy Hillary's Office copy Hillary Codes copy Powell made me copy Loch Ness Hillary copy Clinton Foundation Reltions copy

Springer Debate copy Trump Muzzle copy Liberal Choice copy Min Wage3 copy Obamacare works copy Socialist professors copy Bernie Beers copy Refuges copy White Priv copy Plato's Media Cave copy Honest Wolf copy

Child? copy

Man, Planned Parenthood is going all out with the dinner menu this year.

PETA trolling copy

Champion Trolling of the Week

Whiskey 2 copy Whiskey copy Lutheran Beer copy

Latin has it copy

Translation: He who drinks, sleeps; He who sleeps does not sin; He who does not sin is holy; Therefor, he who drinks is holy. QED.

Regressioons copy IKEA cake copy Moutnain Dew copy Hipster Vikings copy Coolest Dog ever copy Hunter Pokemon copy

Back to School? copy

I know school is dangerous these days, but…

And finally. . .

GunGirl53 copy