The Week in Pictures: Suction Cup Edition

Forget the Olympics. The dude climbing Trump Tower with suction cups was the sports highlight of the week, hands down. I’m amazed it isn’t being proposed as a new Olympic sport. Meanwhile, one of the candidates had another terrible week. Lied about things; said stupid stuff to reporters. Yeah, that’s right—it was the one who fancies pantsuits. The media hardly seemed to notice. This week’s gallery, by the way, achieves one of our standards, with both a Star Trek and a Star Wars reference. Life is good in mid-August.

Cruz Trump Climber copy Climb Emails copy

Clinton Trek copy Hillary delete copy Hillary's Man copy Hillary cigars copy Hillary Shorts again copy Hillary's snail economy copy Crime Families copy Hillary shorts out copy Hillary Robes copy

Hillary Wages copy

Make Canada easy copy Med Pot copy Obama Iran 2 copy Obama Negotiates 2 copy Trump v. Liar copy What Trump Meant copy Ttrump v Hillary copy Dictator Garb copy

Trump Bar copy

Apecutrm Chart copy

Freethinker copy

Real Communism copy

Guitar Gun copy

How to clear customs in Blue States.

Rebel Bass copy Sarcasm copy Dog Beers copy Small Wine copy Vegan Lifespans copy Whipped Cream copy Laughing Gas copy

Meetings People copy Sharknado copy

Glockatchu copy

Wishing Pie copy

Venn copy

And finally. . .

GunGirl11 copy


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