Could We Have a Pro-American President?

It sees like the least we can ask–that our president be pro-American. Not too many years ago, having to worry about this low threshold would have been unthinkable. But Barack Obama is a leftist, and the essence of American leftism is anti-Americanism.

Thus, it comes easily to Obama to criticize his own country when he travels overseas. In fact, he does it with sickening consistency. He appears determined to teach foreign audiences the history of the United States as reconstructed by Howard Zinn. Our friends at Grabien have compiled this montage of Obama criticizing America during his recent trip to Asia. They count 18 occasions:

One thing about Donald Trump, at least you know he is on our side. Even Hillary Clinton, for that matter, isn’t as negative toward the U.S. as Obama, if only because she has made so much money here.


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