Talkin’ pneumonia

If you’ve been following the story of Hillary’s Clinton’s pneumonia on television, you may have heard that Clinton wanted to “power through” her pneumonia, but after Sunday’s overheating episode, it “seems like the smart thing to do” to take some downtime, even though she s “raring to get back on the trail.” If you have heard this, it’s because these are among the six bulleted talking points the Clinton public relations team has distributed to Clinton surrogates. At Politico, Annie Karni reports on the talking points here.

Karni notes that the surrogates were instructed to defend Clinton’s decision to keep the pneumonia diagnosis private, noting that she “has more than met the standard set four years ago by President Obama and Mitt Romney in terms of disclosing details about her health.” Wanting to keep it private — hey, that may cover the email scandal too. One doesn’t need to have mastered pattern recognition to see that the lying certainly extends to the email scandal as well.

Did Romney lie about his health? I don’t think so.

On Sunday, you may recall, before Clinton attributed her collapse to pneumonia, her spokesman asserted that she had simply become “overheated” in the crowd at the 9/11 memorial observation in New York. After collapsing, she was spirited away to Chelsea Clinton’s condominium. When she emerged 90 minutes later, she declared that she was “feeling great.” Later Clinton’s team announced that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia the previous Friday.

Clinton’s team wants the public to believe that she just needed a glass of water. At the Weekly Standard, Mark Hemingway observes the dissemination of Clinton’s alleged dehydration as part of the story. Hemingway notes that they want us to believe that she resists water. I’m thinking Clinton may have seen The Wizard of Oz one too many times.


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