Hillary Insulted Diplomats, Flouted Security Protocols [with comment by Paul]

More from today’s FBI report on its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. The agency interviewed a Special Agent who previously worked for the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security. The agent offered a devastating picture of Hillary’s conduct at the State Department.

From her own experience, and information obtained through [ ] and other agents, [ ] described a “stark difference” between [Condoleezza] RICE and CLINTON with regard to obedience to security and diplomatic protocols. RICE observed strict adherence to State Department security and diplomatic protocols while CLINTON frequently and “blatantly” disregarded them.

For example, it is standard security and diplomatic protocol for the Secretary of State to ride in the armored limousine with the local U.S. ambassador when traveling in countries abroad. It is seen as diplomatic protocol for the Secretary of State to arrive at foreign diplomatic functions with the local ambassador; however, CLINTON refused to do so, instead choosing to be accompanied in the limousine by her Chief of Staff, HUMA ABEDIN. This frequently resulted in complaints by ambassadors who were insulted and embarrassed by this breach of protocol. [ ] explained that CLINTON’s protocol breaches were well known throughout Diplomatic Security and were “abundant.”

[ ] explained that ABEDIN possessed “much more power” over CLINTON’s staff and schedule than other former chiefs of staff. [ ] believed that ABEDIN herself was often responsible for overriding security and diplomatic protocols on behalf of CLINTON.

Here is the page from the FBI report. Click to enlarge:


I have never given much credence to the many rumors about Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, but there is obviously something weird going on there. I suspect it may have to do with Hillary’s failing health, but, in any event, Hillary’s incompetent performance as Secretary of State, along with much else, should disqualify her as a candidate for the presidency.

PAUL ADDS: Let’s not forget that Huma Abedin, so indispensable to Hillary, is an enemy of Israel and American Jews who support Israel.


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