Updates, Previews, and Reminders

I had almost forgotten one of the late M. Stanton Evans’s greatest quips, suddenly more salient. Stan, my first professional mentor out of college in 1981, liked to say:

“It was really hard for us young conservatives to recover from the Goldwater defeat; it was all the worse because in those days we had no grief counselors.”

Behold today’s college campuses. Stan would not have been surprised. And I’m quite sure he’d have been for Trump from the get go.


 Consider this pic a preview of tomorrow morning’s Week in Pictures, which is going to be epic. Actually it’s going to be our first-ever “double issue,” not only with the highlights of new visual creativity from this week, but some greatest Trump hits from the last 18 months. Still not done putting it together, and thanks to the many readers who have sent along wonderful material. It will go live about 6 am eastern time tomorrow.

And a reminder for Washington area readers: Tuesday morning at the Hoover Institution  downtown DC location I’ll be presiding over a splendid lecture by Sir Roger Scruton and a roundtable discussion on the counter-intuitive idea of “conservative environmentalism,” now perhaps made more salient by the prospect that we might actually turn out the corrupt environmental establishment wholesale. Here are the full details. Love to see some of you there if you can come.


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