The Week in Videos

I’m not saying this will become a regular feature, but a few good ones have piled up on the spindle, starting with this extended version of the schadenfreudtastic video of the predictions that Trump would never make it (4 minutes):

And I haven’t seen Tucker Carlson’s new show on Fox News, but this segment with New York Times editor Liz Spayd is pretty good, as Spayd is remarkably honest about the Times‘s defects (10 minutes):

Yes, Hollywood is deeply, intrinsically liberal. But they also pay attention to box office sometimes, and comedians especially go with what’s funny. So as we’ve seen, even Saturday Night Live gets it when it comes to the Trumpian liberal freak out and the childishness of the children, as this sketch from last night neatly skewers (besides, I have a crush on Emma Stone, so this video doesn’t seem 5 minutes long):

And . . . Hamildolph? Yes (5 minutes):

Finally, I don’t think I ever saw this Levis commercial broadcast, but I like it:

Now, if only we had video of Fidel’s funeral wagon breaking down, life would be compleat.


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