Joe Biden: “It is over”

Last month, I promised that when Donald Trump’s victory became completely official I would post my two favorite “it’s over” videos — the Roy Orbison classic and the iconic call of England’s 1966 World Cup victory. Today, Trump’s victory was certified in Congress. I will keep my promise.

But thanks to a ridiculous last ditch attempt by some House Democrats to challenge electoral votes for Trump, I have a new favorite “it’s over” video. It comes from none other than Joe Biden.

The vice president is not a man of few words, but today three sufficed:

Now let’s hear from Roy Orbison:

Some of the young fans in the audience have the same crestfallen look that Clinton’s young supporters must have had around midnight on election night (different hairdos, though).

And finally here is Kenneth Wolstenholme 1966 call:


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