The Week in Pictures: Trumpocalypse Now Edition

Has any recent president raced as fast out of the gate as Trump? I can’t think of one. He’s issuing executive orders faster than he tweets No wonder the left is in full meltdown mode.   And Congress hasn’t even gotten in on the act yet. It already seems like Obama’s presidency was in the last century, not last week. Anyway, extra big lineup this week.

Uninstall Obama

Shredding Obama

Trump Reminders

Chainsaw Trump

Trump Wall

Trump Practicing

No Clinton Pardon

Hillary Arrives

Obama 3rd term

Hollywood Freakout

Trump Fires Obama Bibi Vists Obama Fraewell


Hillary's IUnaugural Trump Home Alone Obama Forgot Manson

Trump Haters Trump Stomps CNN

Trump Twitter war

Hollywood hates Trump

Illegit or Deplorable

Reduce Power

Queen fir Trump Trump Cowboys

Trump Hramabe Nighthawk Trump

Trump Dark Speech Trump CVombat Trump Sunrise

Discredit Trump Women for Trump Madonna Hypocrisy Degrading Women

Womens Costumes Baby Protesters


Trump Disgisting Womens March

Mens March

Multicultural nations

Tillerson v Kerry

onew third of budget

Modern education in action.


Packers Giants

Statham Gun3

And finally. . . a slight variation on the usual format: