Terrorist Attack at Parliament [Updated]

An apparent terrorist attack occurred a couple of hours ago near the Parliament building in London. A car veered into a crowd of pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, killing at least one and wounding as many as 11 others. Reports indicate that someone–I assume the driver of the vehicle–then began assaulting people, including a policeman, with a knife.

There are also reports of shots fired outside Parliament; I assume that was police officers shooting the terrorist.

As always, early reports are likely to be wrong. Stay tuned.

The scene on Westminster Bridge after the attack, courtesy of the Daily Mail:


This map from the Daily Mail’s article shows the terrorist’s route. Click to enlarge:


UPDATE: Reuters describes metropolitan police responding to a “firearms incident,” so perhaps one or more terrorists fired shots in addition to the vehicle and knife attacks already described. [FURTHER UPDATE: No other reporting that I have seen supports the idea that shots were fired by anyone but the police.]

FURTHER UPDATE: The death toll is now up to at least three.